Pelican Reef Patio Furniture


Pelican Reef :

Pelican Reef manufactures and distributes several of the finest rattan and wicker furniture. For over 25 years, they have been focused on excellence and luxury for outdoor and indoor furniture. The outdoor lifestyle has been redefined in recent years and at Pelican Reef, they have embraced this shift in thought and expectation. With an in-house upholstery department, production lines, and assembly area, they are created to fast and efficient creation and distribution. Choose from a wide variety of products in seating, dining, bedrooms, barstools, and patio furniture, all with their own unique and creative twists.

Pelican Reef is dedicated to responsible production and creating a comfortable work environment; a happy team is a productive team. All materials are carefully selected. Choose from rattan, wood, and various other raw materials. At Pelican Reef, dedication and ingenuity can be seen in every product.