Lloyd Flanders Patio Furniture


Lloyd Flanders: www.lloydflanders.com

Lloyd Flanders is the known for timeless designs and creativity. The current team is carrying on the traditions of Marshall B. Lloyd, an innovator who created a timeless and unique process for creating the finest, most intricate woven furniture. “Woven for Life” is their motto and it rings true for all of their expertly crafted products. Marshall B. Lloyd dedicated his life to creating these works of art for the sole purpose of family comfort.

“Great furniture is not woven to fill spaces in the home.
It is woven for the spaces in our lives.
It is woven for laughter, and for family.
It is woven for romance, and for quiet contemplation.
It is woven for rest, and for play.
We believe great design, craftsmanship, and life-long durability are all intertwined.
That is why our furniture has become a part of so many lives.”