Lane Venture Patio Furniture


Lane Venture:

Lane Venture is one of the industry’s leaders for a reason. Superior hand craftsman’s ship is coupled with imaginative designs and only the finest materials, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience for every product. As important as design is, well-built furniture is the main goal at Lane Venture. Furniture is made to be lived in, long lasting, and durable. That’s why Lane Venture is incredibly focused and attentive to building the frames of the furniture. Once the structure is complete, imagination takes hold. Lane Venture uses hand-tailored upholstering, finishing, and designer braids and trims.

Choose from indoor and outdoor designs; WeatherMaster and Venture. Both exemplify everything Lane Venture is committed to along with subtle twists of their own. If your want furniture with a fashionable, handcrafted attitude than call or visit us today!