Gensun Casual Patio Furniture


Gensun Casual Living:

Gensun Casual Living is a family owned company that is dedicated to luxurious outdoor living. In their infancy, Gensun set their goal to be the best in producing cast aluminum furniture, quite the mission. Gensun are always working towards bettering the art of aluminum manufacturing even as the leader in the industry. Using only the best aluminum and alloy, their specific molding process allows room for the intricacy of design. Dedicated to the finest finish, Gensun takes every step carefull and finishes with an 8-stage cleaning step for a smooth completion. Their efficient process earned them the 2010 Manufacturer Leadership Award for cast aluminum products based on the criteria of design, quality, customer service, business ethics, communication, merchandising and trade relations.

Gensun Casual Living products stand on their own. Choose the from finely made aluminum décor, over 300 fabrics, and various wicker options. Outdoor living is given a luxurious twist with Gensun’s touch.