Elaine Smith Outdoor Décor


Elaine Smith: www.elainesmith.com

Enjoy the luxury of stylish, beautiful outdoor living that remains functional. Elaine Smith saw a problem in the world of outdoor furniture. The materials were weatherproof but uncomfortable, with a lack in design and style. She sought to remedy this with her own design. Elaine Smith works with fine fabrics that are tough as they are soft. These fine fibers can withstand sun, rain, and stains.

Once she found these materials, Elaine Smith became the leader in the first, and only, line of luxury outdoor pillows. Discover comfortable, durable pillows that are unique in style and design. The goal was simple; “Rich in color, lavish in detail, and of course, impervious to the elements”. Since their creation, Elaine Smith’s luxury pillows have soared to success.